DP Music StudioThe DP Music Studio  is a very powerful, dynamic, adaptable work-space with accurate acoustics based at Tileyard Studios, Kings Cross in London.

The space comprises natural daylight, an independent vocal booth, live room and chill out area. The Studio features up to date professional DAWs, Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic 9/10 and Ableton.



Crane Song Avocet – Studio Controller, Apple Mac Pro 2.8 quad core 32 gig ram and 4TB SSD, with 2 x 26” Display Monitors.

Apogee Symphony Soundcard 24bit 44.1khz – 192khz, MOTU midi express xt 8 x 8 midi card, Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic Pro 9/10, Ableton Suite.

Neve 8801 strip x 2, SSL Super Analogue X-rack , XR621 mic amp module, XR627 VHD input module, XR626 stereo compressor, UA 6176 – 610B tube amplifier / 76LN limiting amplifier.

Omnisphere, Trillian, Stylus and Keyscape, Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate 11, Maschine Studio II, MOTU Electric Keys, Spitfire Strings, Melodyne, Waves and UAD 2 Powered Plugins including Lexicon 224 Reverb.

Wavelab 8, Soundforge Pro for Mac, AVID Artist Control / Artist Mix Surfaces configured for Pro Tools, Logic and Cubase.

Roland Jupiter 80 version 2 keyboard, Roland TR-8, Roland TB-3, Komplete Kontrol S25 Controller, Neumann M149 Tube microphone, AKG VRC12 microphone, Shure SM58’s , Genelec 8260a active monitors, Bose 201V passive monitors. 2 x Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus 2, 2 x Technics SL1200 turntables with Nexus 2 mixer for dj podcasts.

Clients include Sony Music, Universal Music, The Scheme, Basement Jaxx, Alex Evans (Grammy nominated mix engineer), Neil Ormandy (producer/writer) Barns Courtney, Julian Perretta, The Box Plus Network, Tileyard Music, DJ Sneak, the legendary Todd Terry (Grammy nominated producer), Demoga Music, Cross Section Music.

For more information and availability email , visit or call +44 (0)7792 001155